Fire resistance is one of AllShield's spearheads and in order to meet the required standards, many tests are carried out by the well-known test centers of Efectis in Bleiswijk and Troned in Enschede. In addition, AllShield carries out tests to prove the lifespan and reliability of the AllShield System, such as freeze-thaw, winduplift for roofs and facades, walkability and aging. In general, there are a number of examples of testing and/or the instruments used.

Fire resistance test

SBI fire resistance test at Efectis for the INpakt/AllShield facade insulation system. The test was carried out with the standard stone panels and an insulation package of 10 cm Kingspan Unidek EPS. This test report shows an excellent result.


Oven test

Oven tests with a coating of AllShield Red for protection of concrete in tunnels and parking garages. The tests are carried out according to the RWS curve on AllShield’s own oven, where maximum temperatures of 1350°C are reached.

Fire test

Fire test at Troned in Enschede in which the AllShield coating for flat roofs is tested in combination with a fire in PV panels.

Lifetime test

Lifetime test for the AllShield Blue roof coating in which the weather conditions are implemented in an accelerated/sharp rhythm so that aging can be determined.

Pull/press bench

The tension/compression bench as installed at AllShield in Nieuwerkerk for measuring the performance of the various AllShield products.