Fire resistant roofcoating

Fire resistant roof coating

AllShield develops mineral, fire-resistant coatings that you can easily apply by spraying for various applications. For example, AllShield Blue can be applied to bitumen as a fire-resistant roof finish. After applying the AllShield Blue, solar panels can be installed without a fire risk. AllShield Black is used for concrete coating and concrete repair.

Read more about AllShield blue on bitumen roofs.

Why AllShield


AllShield coatings are sustainable because of the natural ingredients, the low CO2 footprint, and the energy-efficient production process. But also because they extend the functional life of the built environment.


With a fast but workable curing time, the availability of the object is maximized. In addition to protecting construction and structures, the coatings from AllShield are extremely suitable as an effective adhesive for the production of prefab parts.


Extremely strong as a thin layer, acid resistant, water and dirt repellent, quick drying and fire retardant. And these are just some of the unique features of AllShield's coatings. Our R&D team is never fully satisfied. Innovation is in our DNA.


We contribute to a sustainable world by extending the life of the built environment with our powerful mineral-based coatings and products. All our products are made from natural minerals, are sustainably produced and have a low carbon footprint, making a major contribution to reducing global warming.

Betoncoating door spuiten



AllShield coatings are suitable for various infrastructure applications because they’re long-lasting and have a high bond strength with concrete. For example, they are used for quick repairs when concrete constructions are outdated; as a protective and life-extending coating for structures; and as a fire-resistant layer in tunnels.

Zonnepanelen op oude daken


In industrial construction, flat roofs mainly have a covering of bitumen and/or PVC, both of which are highly flammable. AllShield has designed a coating for these existing roofs that makes them extremely fire-resistant and also extends their lifespan. This is all very important when installing solar panels. What is more, the white colour of the coating gives a strong reflection and therefore a higher yield for PV panels.


There are approximately two million homes in the Netherlands (source: CBS), older terraced houses, which have poor or no insulation at all and where the residents therefore pay the highest price for energy; a major social problem.

In collaboration with INpakt B.V. AllShield has designed a ‘brick panel’ (with AllShield Blue as a base) which is screwed onto the outside of these homes with an insulation package, resulting in a very favourable energy label. As it looks just like bricks the existing appearance of the houses is completely maintained.


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