Privacy Declaration

This privacy declaration applies to all services that AllShield provides. We regard respect for the privacy of our clients as a legitimate social responsibility. We offer targeted and personal service and advice and for this we sometimes need personal data. In this we follow the GDPR and the laws and regulations that apply to the use of personal data. Our online service is transparent and reliable!

Personal data is all data that identifies a person as an individual, such as name, address, e-mail address, date of birth, bank account number, telephone number, etc. The IP address that some plug-ins such as Google Analytics pick up also falls under the term ‘personal data’.
Handling personal data
We use address details to prepare quotations and invoices and we use a postal or e-mail address to send these. We only use your personal data for the specific purposes for which it was provided. We will never sell or trade personal data to third parties. All personal data provided to us will remain with AllShield.

We do not keep personal data for longer than necessary, unless there is a legal obligation that requires us to. Address details from contacts, quotations and invoices are included in our customer database. This is stored with encryption and is only used for private communication. Invoices and quotations are held electronically and/or on paper for at least 7 years as is our legal obligation.

We do everything we can to protect personal data as well as possible against unauthorised access, loss or theft. Personal data resides in our encrypted cloud environment with real-time virus and malware protection. To prevent loss of files, regular backups are made and these are also encrypted on a hard drive in our building.

GDPR gives the client the right to view, adjust, block or have personal data removed within the rules of Dutch law. This is possible on request via the contact form on this website.

Do you have comments or questions about this privacy declaration or your own personal data? Please contact us.

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