At AllShield we have three main product lines. Depending on your specific wishes and requirements, your use and your desired application method, we have different types of coatings available within the three main lines. Our engineers are always ready to define the appropriate coating for your needs.

AllShield Blue

A coating that provides protection and structural performance improvement. The coating has a nice flat finish and a creamy white colour. It adheres to various surfaces, such as concrete, EPS and Airex, and can also be used as a casting material.

AllShield Red

A coating resistant to very high temperatures (1300°C+). Designed for heavy-duty fire protection (oil fires, tunnels, etc.).

AllShield Black

A strong, hydrophobic, very flexible, acid-resistant coating that is particularly suitable for extending the lifespan of infrastructure works. It bonds very well to concrete, EPS, Airex, bitumen, wood, steel and other metals.

Examples of use and application of AllShield Blue

Repair of concrete arches

Thanks to the AllShield Blue repair mortar, PlantLab B.V. in Den Bosch can give the monumental skylights on its roof a new life.

Protection of roofs against fire

AllShield Blue dakcoating roof coating for the protection of the roof against fire. This fire can come from PV panels but also from other sources such as a lightning strike and/or vandalism.

Applying the coating to a flat roof

Flat roof application robot for applying the AllShield Blue roof coating in an accurate layer thickness and in combination with a fiberglass reinforcement net.

Mineral spray for reinforcement

AllShield Blue mineral spray for the reinforcement of prefab chimneys and other prefab building elements.

Spray equipment for applying AllShield Blue

Spraying equipment for the application in combination with chopped fiber of the AllShield Blue mineral spray to reinforce a lightweight body for a prefab chimney.

Equipment for feeding the roof robot that applies AllShield Blue against fire

Equipment for feeding, with special pumps, the roof application robot with fire-resistant AllShield Blue coating. Roof heights of 20 meters and distances of 200 meters are no problem.

Examples of use and application of AllShield Red

Application to production line

Application of AllShield Red on a production line for EPS roofing sheets.